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  Lente Bar 2019 was a crazy edition, it was cold and we even saw a litlle bit of snow , but nobody cared! We only saw happy people, dance moves that moved us and got so many shout outs that we could not be more happy about how this edition turned out!
With musical guidance of Bufiman, Bjeor, Ricky Razu, Louis Vogue and Majär we enjoyed every minute of Lente Bar 2019.

With the support of:

× Fotostand× Villa San Martino ×Pizzeria Morenas
× Proxy Delhaize Sint-Joris-Weert × Jeugdhuis JooW
× Chardonnay Meerdael × A-venue Heverlee 
×Den bakker Sint-Joris-Weert


Lente Bar 2018 was amazing, sunshine, happy people and amazing music! What do you want more? This was our first scale-up edition and the day after we needed to do some meditation to catch our breath, what a crowd and what a line-up! Marcel Vogel, O'Flyn, Rhythm Mind, Vicking Groovy, Mélomane and Motion did their job like never before!

With the support of:

× Villa San Martino× Vanopdenbosch Detiège× Fotostand
× Vanden Eynde & Zoon× Michaux× Restaurant De Bibliotheek
× Alex Moeys× ID Solutions× 't Appelfabriekje Neerijse
× Gertjan Vandezande× Chardonnay Meerdael
× Proxy Delhaize Sint-Joris-Weert ×Den bakker Sint-Joris-Weert
× Decrypt ×Pizzeria Morenas


Our very first edition, what suposed to be a test event turned out to be a magical night that gave us the energy to work harder and make Lente bar something we will never forget!
With the support of:

× Villa San Martino × Fotostand
× Alex Moeys× ID Solutions × 't Appelfabriekje Neerijse
× Gertjan Vandezande× Chardonnay Meerdael
× Proxy Delhaize Sint-Joris-Weert 
×Den bakker Sint-Joris-Weert ×Pizzeria Morenas